I was taught martial arts by two of the top Karate and Kung Fu artists, Fumio Demura and Bruce Lee in the world that taught me to never sit or stand still and always be aware of everything and everybody around me.

Bruce also taught me to never take my eyes off from any opponent's eyes no matter what position I am in or where I move my body.

If I'm standing on a corner of a street or anywhere, I would move around in an exercise movement and turning my head and peering at all those around me always in a martial arts defensive movement and stance. As Bruce taught me and others, always mentally go through the 12 defensive Kung Fu movements to always be in a defensive position if ever needing to defend myself.

Even when I am standing in line or wherever, I will always exercise by putting my hands on my hips and slowly move my torso in a circular motion with my hips while breathing exercises in a deep manner.

A couple of interesting events took place when I first attended my first Karate class in Santa Ana in the 60's. All attendees were the first time in a Karate class. Fumio had us sit down with our legs crossed while he did his introductions. His first topic was when an opponent approached any of his students and what to do when approached with a knife.

He said unless we were totally trained in defending against a knife wielding person he gave us the exact response. He said, watch me as he ran down through all of us sitting down and opened the entrance door and ran out! That not only was hilarious but absolutely true, stay away from knives until you are perfectly trained in defending against a knife.

The second incidence occurred after a few weeks of training. Fumio was lecturing us on kicking defense when two people walked in the studio. They were obviously members of a local gang. Fumio walked over to them and greeted them in a normal manner. One of the gang walked up face to face with Fumio and asked to speak with the leader of the Karate team. He answered it was him. The guy asked him how he would defend against a foot in his groin. Then he asked how he would defend if someone punched him in the face. Fumio answered in the following manner.

Fumio was standing only a few inches from the one gang person and swift like the wind, brought up his foot and put the heel of his foot as closest as you could get to the bottom of his eye. Fumio further answered, POP-OUT-EYE!

The two freaked out and slowly backed out and ran out the door and up the street. We all clapped and Fumio bowed to us.