This segment regarding (Dr.) Joan Of Angeles was a strange occurence shortly after Sallie passed away. I was still living in Fallbrook, CA by a golf course and was planning on moving out.

To go back in time, when Sallie and I were living on the Beach in Oceanside, CA we had a strange occurance. Without going into details in this segment at the time in 2001 I was asked to participate on the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show at the time regarding a supposed UFO incident over our home in Oceanside. Since then Art Bell has been replaced by George Noory. The program began about 1 am in the morning and continued until the early hours of the morning.

Coast to Coast AM is an American late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics. Most frequently the topics related to either UFO's, the paranormal or conspiracy theories

Late one afternoon living in Fallbrook, CA shortly after Sallie passed on, I had a severe pain in my left knee and had to drive to the ER medical facility in Murrieta at the Loma Linda Medical Center, CA. After several hours the medical team decided I had a case of Gout and administered pain medication and I prepared to leave. It was late at night closed to midnight. I checked out and thanked the ER team and left to drive the 30 minutes home. I had to drive South on Highway 15 over a hill to get entrance to the road to my home in Fallbrook, CA.

I hardly ever was up that late at night and it was 12 midnight when I turned on my radio. The station that was playing was the Coast To Coast Talk Show with George Noory. I had spoken with George Noory for a short chat a few years prior but hardly ever listened to the talk show.

As the show proceeded George Noory had introduced a guest that was introduced as Joan Of Angeles. Joan is well know in the 'Angel' world in various endeavors like Angel Paintings, Angel Presentations, Angel Movie Productions, Angel Healings and much more.

Now back to the reason for this Segment. As I mentioned, I hardly ever listen to radio stations at midnight but being on the road regarding my ER episode as mentioned I turned on the radio.

George introduced Joan with all her attributes and I was sort of intrigued based on the loss recently of my other half for many years. After Joan's introduction, Joan for some reason deviated for an instant and made a reference to what I was thinking about then continued with her presentation. I was shaken up all the way home. The next day I called the station and because I was priviously on the air with Art Bell they requested Joan place a telephone call to me. Joan called immediately and our personal world of incidents has continued ever since. Life goes on especially with 'Angels'.

As my world of Synchronicity continued as usual, had I not had a pain in my left knee and headed to the ER facility at Loma Linda, I would not have been driving late at night and would not have turned on the radio and listened and evenually met my Angel partner. Thank you Joan for being in my life! My Synchronicities never ends.