We were living in Morrow Bay from 2001 to 2004. We decided to move to the Las Vegas area a few miles from the Vegas Strip because of joining Mike Knox, video game creator in the 1990's in Vegas. Mike created video games like John Madden Football, Monday Night Football, etc. Mike and I created "The Personal Show TV" to allow anyone to be on a local Vegas TV channel for a chance at 'stardom' for about 15 minutes. Mike and I would produced and edited the show and place it on a the local TV Channel designed for what we were planning on doing.

Sallie and I purchased a Townhouse in Lake Las Vegas, beautiful settlement with gated communities an also on or with a view of a glorious lake, part of Lake Mead.

There were many celebrities that performed on the Vegas Strip Hotels and used LLV for temporary stays while on Hotel performances. One popular celebrity was Celine Dion, a magnificent talent and so friendly to her neighbors and even the Valet Drivers at the restaurant there. She would go to lunch there and order lunch for the Valet Drivers and Doormen at the popular restaurant there. Everyone loved her. She created a Helicopter Port at LLV to have easy access to performance engagements on the Strip and even offered it to anyone in the community to use, however, the user had to pay for all flight expenses that were normal though.

We also had popular performers living on our block. There were two major hotels there at the time, the Hyatt Regency and a Hilton Hotel.

It was nice living at LLV. I worked with a local Vegas Strip Video Production and Editing company named Media Underground that was very active producing celebrity shows and commercials for the Vegas Hotels.

When I moved to Las Vegas and set up my corporation I was required to sign a local legal attorney as my legal Registered Agent. So, I started looking to find a resident legal agent. As my world of Synchronicity continued in my life, I was sitting in a food court area at the Las Vegas Mall on the Strip having lunch, the tables were filled. A young man motioned to me to sit at his table which I did.

I thanked him and we started to chat. I told him I had just moved to the Henderson near the Vegas Strip and just created Nevada Corporation for producing television amateur TV shows on the local TV channel.

He told me he was also in television productions and would introduce me to the company he worked with in Vegas. He asked me who my resident agent was and I told him I was looking for one. That's when I was educated into the world of Las Vegas! The conversation went as follows:

I'll call my new found friend Peter. I spoke with Peter and he asked me if I had ever done business in Nevada before and I told him I had moved to Reno and my associates build a restaurant there called the Peppermill and wanted to construct one on the Las Vegas Strip so I was requested to perform the final construction perform the hiring and performed the opening in 1973 presumably before he was born 32 years prior.

He asked me if I was familiar with the families in Las Vegas, I told him I was not. He said in order to have a safe and profitable company one had to you can say "play the game with the right people". I told him I had problems hiring personnel without proper authority and he looked at me and said "then you were introduced to the Vegas Family ways". I understood what he was trying to tell me. He said his sister was a fantastic attorney in Vegas and would agree to be my resident agent once I met her and all my dealings were performed properly. I met his Sister, not only was she totally intelligent but also extremely attractive. She signed me up when I met her at her office.

In addition to all the current activities at the time I was always asked to perform other TV projects. One time I was called to bring my TV camera equipment to the location in Las Vegas where contestants were auditioning for the American Idol TV show.

My friend who was connected to the American Idol TV Show made arrangements for me to setup my TV camera close to the beginning of the line of contestants to take videos of them. There was a long line and I had taken many videos of them. One young woman standing in live waved at me and called my name. She had previously discussed with Michael and I to be on TV with her friends for a short video exposure.

When working with potential TV amateurs they had to sign a Waiver releasing our company form any litigation from being on TV. The TV channels required all amateurs to sign the Waiver before performing on the TV channels.

After the video taking project, I put all my TV equipment in my car, said goodbye to my potential TV amateur standing in line and left.

At the time I was unaware that contestants performing to get on the American Idol show had to also sign some kind of a waiver. The double Waiver signing created a heated situation from one of the contestant's family attorneys in New York.

A few days after the American Idol project I received a call from a very angry attorney threating to sue me and my company for not allowing his client's to perform on TV. I was totally confused. The attorney screamed at me and told me his client's daughter was rejected from performing as a contestant on American Idol because my company had the daughter sign a Waiver with us that was all approved. The attorney wanted the name and contact information for my attorney. I gave him my Attorney's info.

I was trying to get over the hollering and screaming at me from the girl's family's New Your Attorney when my phone rang. I answered and it was the New York Attorney and it had only been less than an hour since I gave him my Attorneys info, I was getting freaked out. He started the conversation in these words: Mr. DeVito, I first want to apologize for being so very unprofessional when we spoke earlier. I was terribly misinformed of the situation given me by my client. I humbly apologize for what I said and I hope you accept my forgiveness. I said Yes and ignored all that happened and truly understood the phrase, The Vegas Families!

Mike and I proceeded to televise those wanting to break into the world of TV an we were on our way to success when Mike became very ill. He soon left for Hawaii to stay with his family who had recently moved there. Mike became very ill and soon passed away. I and I'm sure the world held their hands up to heaven and sent a prayer to Mike now producing things in Heaven! I eventually gave up the project and we soon moved to Rancho Mirage, CA.