After having settled down in our new home in Villa Park, CA, Keith and I was introduced to a woman we were told was an incredible Pyschic name Marvine. After an intial meeting Marvine invited us to her class she taught in the mysterious world at a home in Tusin, CA.

Marvine was not only a Minister, Psychic and Visionary Marvine Lindberg's life is unique. Aside from her private practice, Marvine has consulted with professionals in fields of Education, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Performing Arts, and others. Marvine has aided police departments with homicide, robbery, and kidnapping investigations. She has worked with doctors in discovering causes of certain diseases; and found a mechanical malfunction in an aircraft, which had perplexed engineers and designers.

There was an incident that occurred at one of Marvine's classes. There were approxiately 12 people at the class, both men and women. Marvine asked if one of the class members would volunteer in an energy transmission episode. One of the men volunteered and was asked to leave the room. The remaining group was asked to select a part of the volunteer's body for the group to concentrate on. The group selected the left ear. The volunteer re-entered the room and layed down on the carpet with a pillow under his head. He closed his eyes and layed relaxed. The group went into action and concentrated on his left ear. We concentrated for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then all of a sudden, the guyreached up with his left hand and kept swiping at his left ear. Marvine ended the energy epsisode and we all chuckled with a very unique success. Even the volunteer was set back with the pyschic incident.

Following the energy incident, Marvine lectured us on how engery operates our whole body, not just a body movement, but one form of energy that creates the movement. She explained how energy enters a woman's body through the top of her head and energy enters a man through his right cheek. We all thanked Marvine for the incredible class and left.

The meeting with Marvine was on a Saturday. Mondy Keith went to school as usual and one of his classes was a type of a gym class. In the class were both boys and girls in the age range from 12 to 15 years old.

Keith was very small in stature and weighed about a 110 plus. One of his classmates was about 6 foot tall and weighed about 200 pounds. To show off in front of the class and mainly girls, he came up to Keith from behind and put his arms around Keith's chest and lifted him above the ground in the air. Keith was gasping for air and the classed laughed. Then Keith remembering his previous Psychic class put his hand on the brutes right cheek about a inch from touching him. The brute immediately threw Keith away from him to the gym mat. The class gasped and thought Keith had scratched and injured the brutes right cheek. His cheek was not even scratched. Keith has initiated an inciden that the class will never forget let along acknolwedge it even happened. Go Keith!! Thank you Marvine.