It was nice living at LLV in Henderson, Nevada. I worked with a local Vegas Strip Video Production and Editing company named Media Underground owned by Paul Remo. They were very active producing celebrity shows and commercials for the Las Vegas Hotels.

I was asked to locate a professional local TV Video Editing company in Las Vegas for the Annual Woman Of Distinction Award presentation in Las Vegas for Paula Abdul. The request was to edit all the previous dancing performances by Paula and create a series of performaces. My new found friend Paul Remo and his company fit the request perfectily.

I had been involved in the past with working on the independant motion picture theater at first named Nickelodeon Theaters then changed to Luxury Theaters. One of the prinicples had a relative named Paula but never met her during that time. It was Paula Abdul.

The time came when the editing team arrived at Media Underground. There were several techs involved and several editing computers in process.

The individuals that delivered the video segments from the past had sumbitted all they had for a final video segment for Paula to present at the time of her introduction at the Wynn Hotel there in Las Vegas.

As the techs working on the segments I brought up a suggestion based on Deborah's past dancing infatuation with Gene Kelly and hoped some day she could dance with him on stage. Paula had an introduction to meet with him and she jumped at the opportunity. She arrived at his Beverly Hills home and waited to ring the bell to open the steel gates at Gene's home. Debrah was jittery and just sat in the care for a while until she got up the nerve to ring the bell. The bell rang and she was ushered past the gates and to the front of Gene's home.

Gene welcomed Paula and they met for a substancial amount of time to discuss the possibility of both of them dancing together on stage, TV or even a movie. Paula didn't care where or when but so excited the opportunity was approved and she was over joyed.

Paula concluded the meeting and they both would plan another meeting regarding the joint dancing. Paula left and went home to dijest the incredible meeing that was like going to the stars.

As things happen, Gene Kelly got ill and passed away before Paula and Gene Kelley could meet again and dance together. Deborah was too sad to even discuss the sad event.

I suggested they ROTOSCOPE Paula dancing and inserted the video segment into a dancing routine that Gene Kelly performed in. They did just that and soon on the editing screen was two people dancing to one of Gene Kelley's dancing performance in one of his top movtion pictures.

The techs handed the second video editing video over to the group bringing the video's over to the Wynn Hotel for the Annual Woman Of Distinction Award presentation for Paula. I did not attend.

attend the Award and I hoped that the second edited video was introduced. I did not speak to anyone that attended the ceremonies.

The request was to edit a series of video segments throuhout the entertainment life of Paula Abdula for winning the Woman Of The Year for professional acting, singing and dancing.