Eduard leased a mansion in the hills above the Playboy Club in Hollywood. There were many bedrooms and most were used by his new friends and even some celebrities


Marlon Brando had a celebrity friend staying at the mansion. Her name was Esther Anderson and was originally from the Jamaica. Esther was awarded the NAACP Image Award for outstanding actress in a motion picture. She was a beautiful and entertaining woman and always entertained all the residences and visitors.

When I met Esther she was the Host of the Auto Show in Hollywood dressed in a chekerboard outfit and greeted all the visitors standing on a large colored racing box. She was so cute also.

One day I was visiting the mansion on the hill with Esther. We were sitting on a sofa that over looked Hollywood and she was showing me her new photo album. I was set back with one of her photos on a page and it was a shot from her waste up to her head. She had on a daring blouse and she had her right hand slipped into the slight opening of her left breast. It was really sexy and inviting. I asked her why she chose that photo and she said, see, you asked and got your attention.

Just prior to he ansewering me, I heard the front door open and heard someone walk up to the back of the sofa we were sitting on. After replying saying , see, you asked and got your attention she said even her best friend standing behind you loves it. I turned my head to see who was there and she said, "Gene, meet Marlon Brando". We are going to dinner now.

I was set back when Marlon shook my hand and said he was pleased to meet me.

Marlon and Esther walked out the door and Marlon's motorcyle was parked in front of the front door. He got on and told her to get on behind him. She said "no way, I'm not riding on that thing". He insisted and she got on. When Marlon took off in a hurry, Esther's legs lifted up in the air for an instant at the motorcycle sped off. That was funny!

I was at the mansion two more times and Marlon invited me to the Playboy Club for a bite to eat. I told him I would drive and needed my car after we ate. That was my way not getting on the motorcycle and my legs flying in the air.


Among the temp residences was a man named Bob Smith. Not only Eduard's new office manager at the Playboy Club but he had priviously been a TV Show called "You And Your Big Ideas". Bob introduced the Beer can pull can opener and the most famous, the Barbie Dolls. He had his moments with some of the visitors which were funny to us. One of the gals used his electric shaver to shave 'All Over Her Body' to get reay for a TV photo shoot and that upset Bob who was kind of an OCD TV Host, was funny.

Years prior to meeting Bob he told me about his meeting with a couple and thier teen age daughter. He was given a table next to the family and was set back by her beauty. Because he had been working with several teen age production companies he thought to himself how great it would be to introduce the teenager to the corportisons if possible. That didn't look like it would happen because the Mother and Father kept having their daughter pay attention to the food on the table and not the guy sitting in the next table who she kept smiling at.

Soon the Mother and Father told the daughter to finish her lunch then return to her room at the hotel nearby. They left and the teenager kept smiling at Bob. Bob went over to her table and introduced himself and told her what he was interested in if her parents would allow her to do so.

The teenager asked the waiter if they had milkshakes for desert and he told her next door was a great ice creme palace and had great milk shakes. She thought it would be nice idea befor she went up to her hotel room.

After they left the teenager's parents returned to escort her to the room becuase she was taking too long. The waiter told the parents that their daughter and a Mister Bob Smith escorted her next door to get a milk shake. The parents freaked out and ran out to find her. When they got to the ice creme store Bob and the teenager were sipping milk shakes. The parent said they were going to call the police because Bob was entertaining a minor and was not given permission and was not appropriate. Bob feaked out. They called the police and nothing really happened but the Police wanted to write down her name. They told him Elizabeth Taylor and they were her parents and recently arrived from London. The group broke up and evreyone went their separate ways. That was one of many incidents that Bob was involved with and most of them funny.


Eduard leased a large home in the hills above the Playboy Club in Hollwood. The bedrooms were used by he new friends and even some celebrities.

While having a home to stay at and also a gathering place, Eduard asked me to assist him in finding a piece of land so he could build another Eurpeon residence. He really wanted somthing added to his twenty five (25) castles in Germany. I knew a high end realtor that worked and lived in Beverly Hills at the time. His name was Bill Riley. I called Bill one day and met him at his Beveraly Hills mansion. I had never been there before but met him several times at the Playboy Club.

When I arrived Bill was entertaining a woman celebrity who was waiting in his front room. I sat beside and Bill inroduce her to me. It was Barbara Striesand. She was interested in looking at a previous high profile actor woman name Merel Oberon. Merel was planning on moving to Malibu at the time I believe.

Barbara was not too talkative reading something of importance I assumed. She did chat for a few seconds then returned to her reading.

Bill came out and said he would attend to Barbara soon and then meet with me regarding what my request was.

After Barabra left, Bill told me he had a Latin American house boy and had a problem with him flirting with his neighbor's soon to be a bride. The neighbor was Xavior Cugat and his soon to be bride was Charo. Her real name was María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, professionally known simply by her stage name Charo.

Charo flirted back because the house boy was her age, about 18 at the time. The flirting was short lived and the house boy was told never to go by the fence overlooking his neighbor's property, which he said he would obey.

I told him about Eduard who he knew about from the Playboy Club in Hollywood and said he would meet with him which he did the next day.

The three of us met with a prominent department store owner, he and his wife not to mention their names. The home was enormous and in the entry room there was a glass cabinet loaded with dishes. One of the sets was missing a major bowl. The set was priceless. Eduard said that was Queen Fredirica he distant relative's dish set and he had the missing piece. The wife got miffed and left the room. It was not really to be anyway, he could never get a building permit for a castle in Beverly Hills.