Our neighbor in Morro Bay, CA I shall call 'K' was a top Voice Over talent but also was engaged in selected motion pictures. K was indirectly involved with the motion picture The Chosen One with Rob Schneider. I met Rob during the filming. He was a super nice guy.

The production was completed and was in its final editing stage. K and his associate wanted to produce an edited portion to assist in the final release. Because of my experience in video editing I sat down with K and associate and edited selected portions. It turned out great from my view point but never knew if my efforts were used in the final release.

When living in Hawaii in the late 90's, I was hired as the IT Director for the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. I was good friend with one of the Hawaiian Wahine phone receptionists sitting in the back room of the Front Desk. I don't remember her name but she was a very diligent.

In 1910 my wife Sallie and I travelled to Hawaii on business, and of course we stayed at the Hyatt Waikiki. I wandered around saying hello to all my employee friends from the past. They all remembered me and even gave me a hug, that's Hawiian friendship, both men and Wahine's.

The next day I was chatting with the front desk empoyees and asked if my Hawaiian friend answering phones was still working there. They said yes and go to the back and say hello. I entered the room and I received a warming welcome from those that were still working there and even my Hawaiian Wahine. She got up and gave me a Hawaiian Hug! She was so sweet and beautiful.

She had a newspaper on her desk with the movie The Chosen One displayed. I asked if she was planning on seeing the movie and she replied with eyes wide open! She said she adored Rob Scnieder movies. I told her I met him and indeed he was a nice person. We said hello and soon left after conducting business to flew home to California.

A year or so later while working on our Hotel Cooking Shows I had travelled to Hollywood at a studio for a meeting. When leaving the studio I ran into Rob Schneider who was involved in another motion picture. We chatted for a bit and I told him about my Hawaiian Wahine who loved all his movies. I said I wish I had a movie poster to give her from his new movie and he told me there were some in the office at the studio. We went and found one and I asked him if could please sign it for my Hawaiian girl. He responded happily and wrote a beautiful statement to her and signed it. I thanked him and left.

A couple of months after that incident, I flew to Hawaii again for meetings regarding Hotel Cooking Shows on the Islands. Of course I stayed at the Hyatt and immediately got permission to visit my beautiful Hawaiian Wahine. I walked in the room and she got up and gave me a big hug and I handed the rolled up poster to her. She opened it up and looked at me with tears in her eyes and hugged me again and gave me a Hawaiian Kiss! She said the reason the hotel hated to see me leave was because of beautiful gestures I alway gave them. I said goodbye and checked out and headed for the parking structure across the street from the hotel.

As I walked by near the entrance of the Hotel there were several hotel room service personnels originally from the Phillipines both men and woman standing blocking the sidewalk going to the parking structure. I met them in amazement and the all started to shake my hand and the Wahine's gave me hugs. They said they missed me so much. I asked why they were so friendly at greeting and saying goodbye to me. They said I was one of the few Hotel Managers that always stopped and chatted with them and aked if there was anything they needed. Basically the Hotel management were always cordial to those personnel that numbered around 800. I loved them and said Ahoha Nui Loa! They waved and threw kisses at me. Another reason why I will always love and miss Hawaii and all the beautiful Ilanders. Aloha!