Sallie had only been to see a doctor once in the previous years. We went shopping in the Temecula area and Sallie felt weird and asked me to take her to ER at Loma Linda Hospital in Murrieta, CA. Sallie collapsed at the door entrance. I quickly ran into the ER room and requested a doctor and gurney. A team came out of the ER facility and put Sallie on the Gurney and wheeled her in unconscious. As the team wheeled the gurney towards the urgent center a young girl that was rather new to the ER Center jumped over the desk bar and jumped on the gurney and gave Sallie CPR all the way to a room and bed with doctor's waiting. I took my hat off to the girl Chrisie.



More than one doctor attended to Sallie and she finally came out of her unconsciousness and started yakking with the Staff around her. Then within a few minutes fell into Cardiac unconsciousness again. Within a few minutes the medical Staff had her totally awake and Sallie thanked the Staff and started joking with them. The Staff could not believe she was still alive. Some of the ER Staff had difficulty sleeping later that night.

They had never seen a person have two cardiac arrests in 20 minutes and come out alive and joking with the Staff. After Sallie regained consciousness the Staff moved her into a critical care room at the hospital. A total of seven Doctors attended to Sallie until she woke up. The Staff was beyond magnificent for all aspects, Go Bless Them!

As Sallie was rolled out of her ER room her cell phone fell on to the floor. The time read '12:34'. Which is the numerological series of numbers that claim Angles are asking Sallie to live her best life for simplicity and quality and they will see to it she will get healed to carry on her reason for her quest in this life.

While Sallie was in critical care the doctor had her on an oxygen tube and the oxygen sensor and the reflection from the red oxygen finger sensor reflected on her middle finger like saying "I want to go home", just like Spielberg's ET!

This following picture was taken at the Rehab Center in Newport Beach a short time before she decided to junk all the Dialysis treatments and head for Heaven, which she did.


Sally had been at the Nursing Center two times before she requested ending her last moment there. The nursing and management group were fantastic to her. Not only did they treat her with respect and dignity but felt she was part of the family of those running the Rehab Center from the Administrator to the cleaning experts.

I had taken Sallie to the local Dialysis Center twice and she did not like the episode with people around her some healthy others on their last steps, she said not to take her back again. I accepted her request knowing the end is nearing.

Sallie was returned to the Hoag Hospital across the street from the Rehab Center with severe pain in her kidneys. The Doctors administered more pain relievers but Sallie did not accept that as a cure for her desire to leave for heaven and asked to be taken off of all her medications, for her heart and kidney infections.

The family gathered together and met with Sallie and we all discussed the ending process. We all agreed we had to abide by her wishes but all felt a severe depression agreeing with that decision. We all knelt and prayed, all her local close friends and relatives were present to essentially say goodbye to their dear Sallie.

Sallie was returned to the Rehab Center and they gave her a private room to finish out her life on planet earth. The nursing crew spent enormous amount of time with Sallie combing her hair and beautiful makeup. They kept her dress absolutely perfect.

I spent that night and the next morning at the Rehab Center. I walked into her room and the nurses were huddled around her and they all had tears in their eyes. They gave me a hug and left Sallie alone with me.

Sallie opened her eyes and said that Keith visited her earlier with his dog. I told her Keith was home in Ben Lomond in San Francisco bay area and had not left home. She looked at me and smiled. She grabbed my left hand and squeezed it so hard I felt a lot of pain. She stared at me and said "I love you my dear", I said "I love you too and will love you forever". She kept staring at me and said "I know, and I will also love you forever, here and in Heaven". That was the last conversation I had with her before she left for Heaven. My life in this world ended, but was blessed what God had given me for Sallie's time on Earth!


When Sallied passed, I was called and arrived with mine and Sallie's dear friend Ralda. We arrived to remove all her belongings. Sallie had been removed from the facility by the time we arrived. The nurses assisted us in bringing her belongings to our car. They even brought a few bottles of Sallie's favorite health drink that they had gone out and purchased themselves with permission because the facility did not carry her favorite brand of drink. They had tears in their eyes which brought tears to our eyes. I went into the facility to make sure all Sallie's items were taken out. I shook hands with the administrators and gave the receptionist a hug for all her attention and support. She also had a tear in her eye. I asked her why the Staff that I saw felt sad and had a tear in their eyes. I am sure there are many sad episodes of guests failing in life and passed away. The receptionist said yes, and it was also sad for all those who the Staff treated and waved goodbye but, for some reason, in all my years working here, she said she had never seen such an emotional episode as was with regarding Sallie, she had no clear explanation other than a person who loved everyone, no matter who they were, she loved everyone and everyone loved her! This was the end of this ever loving episode, God Bless You Sallie, Save A Place In Heaven For Me, I Love You And I Always Will, Ciao Baby!


For many years I have been exposed to strange events all over the world, from Bali, to the Tunnels of Bogota Colombia, to strange people and things at Machu Picchu Peru, strange events in Hawaii with mysterious Kahuna Priests, and Psychics along with Wicca's, both White and Black. So what I'm getting to relay to you is another mystery in my life. Sallie passed away April 24, 2017.

Following her leaving I took her cell phone and removed all the data on it and also cancelled her phone number. On April 24 of 2018 exactly one years after her passing on, a strange event unfolded, I received an phone call from someone Not Of This Earth, I was freaking out. This event could not happen, but it did, a phone call from Sallie. I constantly keep getting a call on my cell that displays Sally! I took my iPhone cell to technical support and they could not figure out why I had a call that did not say incoming or outgoing, it just said 'nothing'! Just a side note, my luck number is '7', Sallie's call was made at 8:26 which equals numerological number '7'. Just a Synchronological thought!


In addition to the surprise of receiving a call on my cell phone from Sallie, , all the others with the exception of one were members of my family, now that's Synchronicity! The exception was Steve, our loving friend from Maui. It looked like Hawaii was sending it's Aloha Nui Loa also.

Last and most likely not the last, I had moved to Laguna Niguel with a friend and roommate from the past. My roommate was Mary Joe, a longtime friend of Sallie and me from the 1980's. She owned a nice home in Laguna Niguel and after the passing of Sallie Mary Joe invited me to move in with her at her spare befroom until I decided where I wanted to live at the time.

Mary Joe at times sort of freaked out at the calls I was getting from Sallie from 'somewhere'. One incident really freaked her out. I was in my bedroom office one day and Mary Joe came into the doorway and motioned me with her finger to come to her office and did not say a word.

I went in and she pointed without a sound to a music box sitting on the shelf above her office desk. It was playing a song from a hundred years prior. The little drawer was a little opened. I asked her why she climbed up on her desk to open the music box drawer and played the music in the box.

Again, she did not make a sound, just pointed to the calendar on her desk, it read September 18, Sallies Birthday. We both freaked out, and never said a word the rest of the day.