When I was very young until the day I left the ranch for stardom in 1955, I used to standby our Ranch House on a noel and stared at the mountains across from the ranch and looked up at the stars above for a great length of time. I always looked up and had a strange feeling "I wanted to go home" I had no reason why I felt that way. My Father said "You are home", I said, no, back to the stars! I had not had of any UFO incidents of any kind at that time. Several years later I became very confused when strange incidents occurred near and around me for years to come and eventually met with a man in the Nevada Desert who opened my eyes to the World and Universe!


One day two friends and I were making venetian blind and we went outside of the barn for a rest where we were making blinds in and my friend Ellis said "look up in the sky, there are 6 silver objects flying around way up there". They said call the police. I looked up and saw six shining discs floating up in the sky way above us. I called the police.

The next day in the Petaluma Argus Courier Newspaper wrote on the front page was "Ho Hum, more flying Saucers saw Gene DeVito". The next day at the drive inn getting a milk shake, people asked what we saw; they guys that were there said "What UFO's, we didn't see anything". They were making jokes about me and I never forgot it. It was also reported in the National Newspapers UFO's were seen over Washington DC that same day in July in 1952.


The guys I ran around with decided they did not want to go to the Senior Prom so we decided to spend the night at one of the guys fishing shack in Bodega Bay, CA.

There were 6 of us in the car and I had to drive because the other guys were drinking and were too drunk to drive. The trip to Bodega Bay was across country where there were no lights and seldom a ranch up on the hill. When we were about a couple of miles from our destination on the beach, I saw a red light ahead and thought it was a police care. I finally stopped and walked up to the light that was now above the road. It was not the police, and today I would report it as a UFO. It did not make any noise but hovered above us with blinking red lights. I ran to the car and told my friends what was ahead but they were too drunk to even get out of the car.

So eventually the object darted off over the ocean and that was it. Because of the incident over the venetian blind company I decided not to say anything to anyone and kept it to myself for years. I didn't know at that time that this incident was only the beginning of what to occur for years ahead!


I had been introduced to several people after moving to Burbank in 1955. One of my new friends named Jake had told us his Father was heavily involved studying UFO's. I was of course interested because of several encounters I had experienced since 1952. Jake told us his Father was traveling to the desert on the way to Palm Springs to meet supposedly a visitor from outer space. We did not know if we believed that but he invited us to drive with him and follow his father to the desert one weekend afternoon.

About an hour or so it started to get dark but we still followed our friend's Father's taillights. There were only our two cars on the highway at the time in the desert and we were all yakking about everything. When one of the guys in the car leaned forward and pointed to a light coming towards us just above our friend's Father's car. We immediately pulled over to the right of the highway and stopped and stared at the oncoming strange blinking light. The light came within a half mile or so and stopped, then lifted up and sped off to the desert ahead. Our Jake's Father never stopped and just kept driving. Our radio started acting weird and the sound was blurred sounding.

We decided to turn around and head back to Glendale where we started. That was a very spooky event in mine and my friend's life and also, the beginning!


One evening when riding around in my Porsche with Sallie she said let's go to the parking area on the hill overlooking the Burbank Airport. She said that's where lovers met but not for us, we're just watching planes land in the dark.

So we drove up to the parking overlooking the Burbank Airport around 9 pm and watched the planes fly overhead then land at the runway. There were several cars also parked there. Eventually all the cars left and Sallie asked what time it was. I told her just about 10 pm. She said she had to go home and go to work early the next day.

Just at that moment, a round object flew over my convertible and hovered. There were blinking lights under the round object about a 100 feet or more in diameter. I asked what the heck that was hovering over us and Sallie said it must be a helicopter.

I had told Sallie of all my many experiences with strange objects I came in contact with since I was a little boy. Sallie never accepted that the objects were only natural things.

After a couple minutes hovering over us a brilliant white light emanated from the object and shown down over my Porsche and Sallie and looked at each other and it appeared our eyes were black. After a few minutes the light went out and the object took off up and to the right over the mountains.

Sallie looked at me and asked what just happened. I could not really explain. She then asked me what time it was and I told her close to 10:30. We both looked at each other and felt a loss time. Sallie finally realized that there was more to things than what appeared. This was the first of incidents between us for years to come.


One evening Sallie, our dog Schnitel and me decided to hit the rack in our new home in Villa Park. Schnitzel always had an incident with our neighbor's black cat. Schnitzel slept with between us until she heard the cat. The cat would tease Schnitel when she heard it running across our roof and Schnitzel ran out of our bedroom where she slept with us and ran down the hall out pounced out of her doggie door. Shcnitzel would run in the back yard and the cat would sit on the fence and tease Schnitzel. This espisode never ended.

Well, once night around 1:30 am we heard what sounded like the cal running across our roof as usual. This time Schnitzel came out of the covers and barked. Sallie told Schnitzel to get back under the covers. This time Schnitzel quickly ran under the covers. All of a sudden our room lit up a bright blue white glow. Sallie sat up with her eyes wide open and said "something is wrong, I can feel it". I heard a noise out on our backyard patio. The lighe went out and I got up and ran to the sliding door that went out to the patio. There was a bright light coming down from the sky. As I walked out to our lawn, the light eminated from a point in the sky and spread out and covered our back yard. Then the light seemed to be drawn up to the sky to a bright light in the Western Sky. Soon the bright object shot out to the South and dissapeard. I shook my had and went back into our bedroom. Sallie asked if I was alright and told me never to go out like that again. Then she said lets go back to bed and forget what had just happened.

I had told Sallie of my many encounters in the past and she did noc accept what I said. She went back to sleep and I personnaly waited for the next incident sometime in the future that I know was going to happen.

After a couple minutes hovering over us a brilliant white light emanated from the object and shown down over my Porsche and Sallie and looked at each other and it appeared our eyes were black. After a few minutes the light went out and the object took off up and to the right over the mountains.

Sallie looked at me and asked what just happened. I could not really explain what just happend. She then asked me what time it was and I told her close to 10:30. Sallie said I just told her it was 10 pm, what happend to the last 30 minutes! We both looked at each other and felt a loss time. Sallie finally realized that there was more to things than what appeared. This was the first of incidents between us for years to come.

Ever since that incident I keep feeling of something coming over me, not anything back but sometimes a tingling all over my body. I can't really blame the tingling feeling on what had taken place on the hill overlooking the Burbank Airport but, those feelings never occurred before that incident. The best was yet to happen in the years to come.


A short time after our encounter with something running across our roof in Villa Park, Keith's high school friend came over to visit with us as he did many times. His name was Gene and came from a Japanese family that adered to strict dicipline.

Gene was a brilliant student and was looking ahead to becoming a high level architect like his family. Gene was told by Keith several UFO incidents that occurred in the past and one that had recently with the bright light and Schnitzel climbing under the covers. Gene was really interested and had hoped one day he would see a UFO or whatever it was flying around the skies.

It was getting late one evening and Gene said he had to return home nearbye. We walked out to the front of the house and it was dark outside. We had no street lights in the exlcusive area. As we walked out Gene said to let him know if we saw a UFO and to call him. I chuckled, and said we would see what we would see. As he got ready to climb in his care, I held him by his arm and told him to look up in the Eastern sky to the left. A bright object was travelling from left to right at a high altitude and at high speed. Gene looked up and could not believe what he was seeing. Soon the bright object disappeard in the nigh sky. Gene thanked me and he was so excited. I told him I had nothing to do with what had just transpired. He looked at me and smiled and said, thanks again Mr. DeVito. He left being very satified. I shook my head and said to myself, "Is that Walt playing games with me?". I went into the house and made myself a drink.


It was only about one month since the Reno UFO encounter when I was exposed to the incident following. In 2001 while living on the beach in Oceanside, CA I witnessed an incident, another one that I will never forget. The details are on the video placed on YOUTUBE. It involved asked to be on Art Bell's Coast To Coast radio show at that time.

I will spell out all the details at the proper time but here is the video placed on YOUTUBE.

Years later while living in Rancho Mirage, I had to visit a doctor because of my vision in my right eye was dwindling. The Eye Doctor told me I had three dots burned in a triangle on my iris. He eventually gave me a Cataract surgery. The dots were in my right eye that I viewed at the object through the eyepiece of my camera. The UFO's were Triangle in Shape.



There were several incidents in mine and my wife's life before and after I was married. I have many pictures and support from all the incidents.


On Setpember 11 1901 Sallie and I had planned a trip to Lake Tahoe to visit friends. We left very early in the morning to try and beat the traffic. We made good time. We were passing by the LAX airport when we heard on the radio that a jet had crashed into the NY World Trade Center. It was about 6 am PST. We felt very bad and hoped no one was killed. Soon after when we were driving up the coast we heard on the radio another jet had crashed in NY. This time it said it was a larg jet and many people had feared been killed. We finally passed Santa Barabra and was driving along the beach. There was very little traffic.

I looked to the left over the ocean and saw an object flying in the same direction as us. Sallie looked over and asked what the ugly brown thing that flying over the ocean at the horizen travelling at our speed.

I slowed down so I could take a better look at the object. It wa brown in color and looked like a two story old building with no roof or bottom. From what I could see it did not look like a typical airplane or even a UFO that I had viewed and read about in the past.

We started to drive inland and were driving to San Louis Obispo on the way to stop and get something to eat along the 101 highway. We stopped just out of town at a restaurant next to the Lequesta Inn. We grabbed something eat quick and headed North again on highway 101.

We decided to drive from the freeway East to the coast highway then North again. We liked the ocean view drive and the mountains and very little traffic.

As we drove past Morrow Bay we were close to the coast to see the ocean. As we passed San Simeon we were now driving the highway along the beach. As we proceeded Sallie said, "Gene, our friends are with us again, take a look". I looked to the left and saw the same brown object shaped like a two story building traveling at about our speed. That was totally wierd! Where was the object when we stopped to eat about an hour previous.

We really did not have a choice so we just continued heading North to eventually Lake Tahoe. We eventually started driving away from the coast and drove past San Franciso to Sacramento to stop for a short rest. Eventually we headed East on highway 80 to Lake Tahoe.

We arrived at the Harrah Hotel and we were surprised at the activity. There guests waiting in line to go to the airport in Reno but it was shut down for all flights to NY. Obviously because of the plane crashed into the Trade Center.

We had no problem getting a room, the hotel was very empty, People could not come from the Reno airpot because planes were not landing. We checked in and grabbed something to eat. The personnel treated us great, mainly because were only a few guests at the hotel.

They finally opened Reno airport and we checked out and headed for Reno to visit some freinds. We arrived at at hotel South of Reno on South Verginia Street. We checked in and went to our room and just laid down and rested.

Early in the evening we decided to cross the main streett South Virginia Street and visit a restaurant we were familier with having lived in Reno in 1972 for a short stint.

We started to cross the street with people crossing back and forth and diaganally on the street. When we were half way across the street I looked up and to my total surprise I saw the funny object that looked like a two story building. I poked Sallie and she looked up and froze with me in the center of the street. Surprisingly, we did not see any person walking arcross the street lookin up! We were confused. We reached the other side ot the street and looked up as the brown funny looking building headed West over the Sierra Mountains and then out of sight.

Sallie and I did not speak about the incident even on the way driving home soon after arriving and meeting a friend.


As previously mentioned we purchased a home at Lake Las Vegas, about 15 miles to the Vegas Strip. It was in a Community loaded with celebrities. The residences were mostly town houses but beautiful and large with three bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Our home faced west and there were a series of mountains between us and the Las Vegas Strip, about 15 miles or so.

I had just purchased a new professional Video Camera. I had my office on the second floor of our townhouse. There was a small patio outside my office and nearby bedroom. I placed the camera out prior to getting dark and wanted to capture the green laser light that emanated from the Luxor Hotel every night. We faced West and there was a low mountain range just to our West and you could see all the Vegas Strip lights at night.

I placed the Video camera on a tripod on the patio and turned on the record function and went into my office, it was now starting to get dark. Sally stuck her head in my office from the patio and said there was a bright light above the mountains to the right. I looked out and told her it was the planet Venus, the brightest star in the sky. I went back into my office and again Sally stuck her head in my office and said "Honey, your Venus just flew down in front of us" I ran out and saw a light show with a light going side to side, up and down and finally shot towards us and you could see an image in the bright object, all on video tape. I still have the video that captured bouncing light. I placed it on YOUTUBE and my website with more views than I could count.