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I met Walt at a restaurant in Sparks, Nevada around 1972 or there about. I visited my two friends who recently opened a resaturant in Sparks, Nevada named the Mouse House.

I was assisting my friends closing the restaurant for the night when I saw a customer sitting at the end of the room at a booth. He was staring at me and would not take his eyes off of me. I walked over ot him to ask if he wanted anything else so I could give him his check. He looked at me and said I finally arrived and had been waiting for a long time to meet me. I asked him how long he had been waiting and he responded with, a very long time. I was confused and didn't understand why he was waiting for me.

I chatted with him and he invited me to meet with him in private at his trailer in the Pyramid Lake desert. I was visiting Sparks from my home in Villa Park, CA for a few days with some business in Reno.

The visitor said his name was Walt. He said he needed to speak with me outside of the restaurant as soon as possible. I reluctantly said okay and met him the next day at a small park nearby in Sparks, Nevada. He wanted to invite me to a small trailer he had parked near Pyramid Lake in near Reno, Nevada.

He did not say much but indicated he had somethings very important to relay to me. I said why me? He said I had been chosen for important things to occur in the future. I was sort of confused as to this person and he appeared strange. To be nice for a customer's sake, I agreed to meet him at his trailer near Pyramid Lake in the desert.


I met with Walt at the trailer and we sat down. I asked him why all the necessity for meeting me and why? Walt said he will explain the details why they chose me soon.

I have a few questions to ask you. First, do you believe in GOD? I replied yes. He than asked me if I believe in the Bible and have read it. I said I do believe in the Bible but have not read every page. He said what I thought if he could recite the Bible forwards and backwords in every language on Planet Earth. I was stunned and said I would have to witness some of it. He then asked me what languages I spoke. I told him English of course, some Italian and some Latin. He then said he would start with English as he started reciting the Bible from the last period. I stopped him and said I wanted to hear another language like Italian. He then started reciting from the last period in Italian. I stopped him again after a few words. He then decided to start rciting in Latin and I only understood a few words and then told him to stop and I believed him with disbelief, I was totally amazed.

I had brought numerous associates and invitees to meet Walt. They all responded with Awe after the meetings. Everyone was impressed that Walt could recite the Bible forwards and backwards and, in just about every language. I brought a high ranking Priest one weekend to meet Walt and the Priest was amazed how fluent Walt spoke in Latin.


I met him the next day and we chatted inside his trailer. He paused for a minute and went outside to bring in an empty plastic container that said CLOROX on the side. He asked me to put my name on it which I did to the empty container. He said wait a minute and he would be right back. He brought the container outside and in a few minutes returned.

We spoke for several hours and I had to get ready to catch my flight back to LA. He went outside and came back with the container and it looked so heavy it bulged around. He put a cup in front of me and poured some silver liquid in the cup. He then asked me to put a coin on top which I did and it floated and did not sink. I asked him what the liquid was and he responded, MERCURY. I asked how he accumulated so much Mercury in only a few short hours.

He said he has a device outside the he pours sand into and it extracts any mineral he desires, including GOLD! I shook my head and said good bye and told him I would return soon. It took me a long time to get over the episode.

He told me many things and I can only relay it a little at a time.

Sometime later I brought a high ranking scientist from the company I worked at. Walt performed the same feat with the empty container which filled up in a few hours. My friend was amazed and when we left for the airport in Reno he went over the container of pure Mercury. I said did it surprise him how much Mercury could be created in such a short time. He said that didn't mean as much as there was enough Mercury in that container to fill every thermometer West Of The Mississippi! We did not discuss anything from the meeting all the way back to LA. Over the years I returned to meet with Walt more. So when we moved to Reno in 1972. I kept close communications with Walt and threw out the many years to come.


My wife Sallie's parents were visiting from San Jose. We wanted to introduce her parents to Wald. Her parents were strong Pentecostals and wanted to meet the person that could recite the Bible forward and backwards and, in several different languages. We met in a booth at a restaurant in Reno and chatted about different subjects. Finally religion slipped into the conversation.

We first discussed the ability of a person to be able to control his body in every way. He asked everyone at the table to put their finger on his arm and press down. We did and it was impossible to even make a dent in his arm. Sally did the same effort above his knee and it was the same, would not even make an impression.

Sallies's Father Ruby made a comment that Walt was improperly interpreting the Bible. The discussions became heated. Walt said he was right in his interpretation and Ruby said he was right! Walt then placed his two arms on the booth table with the back of his hands on the table. He then concentrated on his two hands and slowly formed to openings in the palms of both hands. He spoke saying "when you are capable in performing the hands of Christ like on the Cross, then you can speak in honest." Her Parents freaked out and got up and left the restaurant. Sally soon joined them and Walt and I had further discussions and we then left.


I received call while at work in the 70"s. I asked who was on the line and he responded J. Allen Hynek. I added if he was the same J. Allen Hynek that was over Project Blue Book, he responded he was previously. I asked why he was calling; he said he wanted information on the person I had met in Sparks, Nevada recently. I told him the basic story how I met him and still visit on occasion. Hynek said he had a question and Walt could possibly answer the question. His question was "Why does the moon wobble?" I said the next time I visited Walt I would ask that question. Of course I had no idea the moon wobbled but evidently Hynek thought it did.

Eventually I visited Walt at his trailer. I asked him "why the moon wobbled." Walt replied that the reason was there were two moons when the planets were formed and, the current mood is hollow. I asked how he knew it was hollow. He replied, it is common knowledge in the Universe. I was confused but wrote down the answer. And when I returned to my job after the weekend, I called Hynek and spoke with both him and his assistant. I told him the answer Walt gave me and even through in "The Moon Being Hollow." They both thanked me and said they would get back to me again with some more questions.

A while later, Hynek's assistant left a message to return his call. I called and he said he and Hynek had a series of questions and asked if I could ask the questions to Walt. I said the next time I visited him on the way back from my trip home.

I stopped off in Henderson and contacted Walt. We met at a park and I asked if I could ask him more questions. I brought a tape cassette recorder. He chuckled and said "He would, but no one is going to listen to the tape anyway." For thirty minutes I asked questions given to me by both Hynek and his assistant. The questions were difficult for me to even understand.


Walt in our final meeting admitted to taking over a dying body twice since his visit to Planet Earth. That enabled him to directly mingle and take part in the evolution of Planet Earth. In doing so, he was responsible for several impossible feats. The evidence is in the results of just a few like those below. I unfortunately am not permitted to reveal only those listed below in any document.

" Walt had the patent of the fastest water racing motor.
" Designed the Reno Library over the Truckee River which was supposed to be ...impossible.
" Designed my associate's restaurant facing the Sierra Nevada Mountains with no ...visible structures in the wall of windows.

" Designed but did not patent a similar motor to the Wankel that used natural powders like making soda, flour, etc. to run with no bad exhaust.


At the time my wife and I were living on the beach of Oceanside, CA close to the Oceanside Pier. One day I received a phone call from Linda M Howe regarding my meetings with Walt.

Linda is an American investigative journalist and Regional Emmy award-winning documentary film maker best known for her work as an Ufologist and advocate of a variety of conspiracies theories.

Linda had heard of my meetings with a person living in Sparks, Nevada. I had previously been contacted by Dr. J. Allen Hynek regarding Walt and this meeting could have been a result of that contact.

I invited her over to meet and chat. We walked out on the Oceanside Pier for a few hours and discussed Walt and my many meetings with Walt.

I related all the most important meetings and the substance of the conversations also with regards to all the individuals I brought to Walt in Sparks for discussions throughout the years. She made notes of our conversation and said she would get back to me regarding publications she was working on.

We were invited to meet Linda in Las Vegas for a UFO conference and we replied we would attend and meet her. At the time we had moved to Lake Las Vegas so the meeting was local for us.


With the many friends I had introduced to my 'friend' over the several months, someone whom I never met or knew called me. His name was S.I. Hayakawa and was a Canadian-born American academic and politician of Japanese ancestry.

He was an English professor, and served as president of San Francisco State University and then as United States Senator from California from 1977 to 1983.

He asked me questions regarding my friend. He said he had an associate from the University Of California who was a Professor. The Professor had just written a popular book on Humanities. He asked if I would take a copy of the book and have my friend read through it and give his evaluation. I thought this was kind of weird having an unknown person evaluates a book written by a prominent well-known Professor. I agreed and the book was sent to me in Southern California.

The next trip to Nevada also included the book sent me. I presented the book to my friend and he agreed to read it. I spent sufficient time in Nevada to bring the book back with me. My friend had written a note in the inside covers. I read it and it said something like this: "Dear Professor Hyakawa. Your book is well written and presented all arguments covering Pros and Cons of the subject matter. However, until your readers can comprehend the actual meanings of life and a higher level of understanding, I feel The essence of the message would be lost to common prejudices, misunderstandings, egoism and all the frailties of man or woman themselves.

He continued with additional statements that I couldn't recall and could not find all my notes. The notes were so impressive and electrifying, that when the Professor read them, he called me to thank him for his notes of wisdom and his time to respond. I never followed up with the Professor on his thoughts following the incident, but I believe as a result of the incident, I received many calls requesting me to set up meetings with this person who had such impressive wisdom.


After many discussions regarding Walt from the 'desert' with associates, one of our company's investor's John Dumont, was extremely interested in Walt and was anxious to fly to Reno and requested a meeting to be setup. The meeting was to be held in a small restaurant in Sparks, Nevada.

John arranged a flight to Reno with a Lear Jet owned by Frank Sinatra which held four passengers. There were a total of six individuals slated to take the trip to meet Walt in a face to face meeting. The Jet only held for four passengers so two individuals had to take a standard airline flite.

Attending meeting included John Dumont, Corporate CEO, George Roth, Corporate CEO, A Beverly Hills Psychiatrist, Pete Peralta, a Flying Tiger Flight Engineer, Mac an Engineer from where I worked with and I.

John Dumont had previously hired a private investigator to research Walt and the findings will be shown at the end of this segment. We finally met at the restaurant on a snowy day in Sparks, Nevada. We had planned to return back to LA late the same day.

We all went into a small banquet room and sat around the banquet table and introduced each other around with everyone. One of the attendees named Pete had just returned from Japan to LAX as the engineer for Flying Tiger Airline as an expert in celestial navigation. They had just broken the West to East flight time.

We initially discussed many different subjects and then we discussed the universe and all the planets in the Milky Way. Mac aid celestial navigation was not always accurate. Walt disagreed and unrolled a large paper layout from some butcher paper nearby. He grabbed a black grease pencil and began laying out the planets in our solar system and their locations to each other. Pete looked at the drawings and could not believe what he saw. He had just returned for across the ocean from Japan to LA and vectored their flight using his celestial navigation. What he was amazed with was, Walt had laid out the planets like they were just a few hours previously to the meeting.

Walt was questioned about the accuracy of his navigation experiences. Mac commented on the planet Venus. Walt corrected him by saying that was not the real name of the planet Venus, he mumbled some name and I don't remember what it was.

Walt was asked how he felt his method of navigation was impeccable. Mac asked how he could be so confident. Walt replied, "My navigation is accurate enough to get him from planet to planet to another"! The guests froze. They looked at each other and could not believe what they had just heard.

As previously wrote, Walt could manipulate his body in many ways and make his skin as hard as a board merely by thought.

Walt's body was discussed and all parties touched his limbs and stomach and agreed his definitely complete control of his entire body and had never experienced anything like that in their lives.

The Dr. asked if he could take Walt into the room next door for a personal conversation, we all agreed. He asked Walt if he could inject him with a substance to relax him, Walk agreed. As the Dr. and Walt left for the private room and as they walked by me Walt gave me a grinning smile.

While the Dr. was in the private room with Walt all the guests were buzzing with astonishment.

They could not believe that one person could communicate so eloquently on any subject without the slightest bit of hesitation. In fact, they all had answers to questions they had never been able to. They wrote downs notes vigorously throughout the meeting. I had my tape recorder running and recorded the entire sessions.


The Doctor walked into the banquet room with Walt after about 30 minutes. The Doctor's face was as white as the snow outside.

John asked the Doctor what the problem was and what he found out that the entire guest in the banquet room did not hear or know. The Doctor first described how the needle into Walt's skin and then the needle bent. Then the Doctor received permission to put Walt into a hypnotic state. John was ecstatic and wanted to know what he had learned.

The Doctor said "If I told you, you would never believe him". We all looked at each other and Walt kept his smug grin on his face. While we all talking anxiously no one noticed the Doctor as he walked out into the falling snow.


John was so excited about the Sparks meeting at the restaurant he wanted to pursue an investigation of Walt further. The investigator gave John an expensive estimate.

The report was complete a few months later for a price tag of over $20,000. Unfortunately I was unable to receive a copy of the report.

Several years later I invited out of town clients to dinner, I was with NCR at the time. They wanted to go to the famous Sunset Strip.

I found a nice restaurant named the Polo Lounge on the Sunset Strip. I had three guests with me and when we walked in the manager escorted up to a table. As we walked through the restaurant we walked by a table with several men and women sitting.

I noticed one of the men looked up when he saw me and stood up and shook feverishly. He wife stood up and calmed him down. I said I know the Doctor; he went with me to Reno, Nevada to meet my friend. She said, "Haven't you done enough? He was finally out of the home and now you're putting him right back in it, please leave".

I was really embarrassed in front of my guests and we finally sat down at our table. I noticed shortly after sitting down, the Doctor and group left the restaurant.

The impression left by Walt on the Doctor was unreal, and we never really found out what happened in that private room in the restaurant that cold and snowy evening.


The following are highlights of what I could remember over the past 52 years and did have some saved notes.


A unique physical appearance of a height of 5 foot 8 inches with gray hair, cold black thin eyebrows, black thin mustache, olive colored skin complexion, peering black eyes, spoke like sound coming from his stomach, and had a noticeable limp when he walked. Walt had told us previously he was 72 years old. THE REPORT LEAGUE OF NATIONS 1932 A person of Walt's description down to his appearance and slight limp was a speaker at the League Of Nations in Canada in 1932. His age at that meeting was given as 72 years old.

The speaker (Walt) spoke of a pending word crises and the stock markets would collapse. In the speech further, Walt told all the Nation representatives present that if they did not change their policies the world will see a catastrophe like the world has never experienced.


Albert Einstein became famous for the theory of relativity, which laid the basis for the release of atomic energy. In 1905 Albert Einstein formulates Special Theory of Relativity. Einstein calculates how the movement of molecules in a liquid can cause the Brownian motion.

Einstein was instrumental introducing the Atomic Bomb signing a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built.

Walt was secretly hired by the government to participate in the construction for a secret project using his scientific knowledge. Walt sat down with Einstein and discussed the reason for the destructive bomb and was for the development of a "Super Bomb" that could eradicate millions of people when dropped on them. Einstein told Walt the bomb had to be constructed and need his and other scientists support. Walt told Einstein to basically "Go To Hell". Walk then left the facility and disappeared.

The U.S. Government did not know if this person joined the enemy, or was captured, or was terminated. He could not be found. John paid more attention to our friend Walt than he did supporting our company called "High Energy Lasers", at the time the most powerful solid state crystal laser. John eventually returned to our laser project and eventually bought us out.


Over the years I had brought several individuals to meet Walt, from Engineers, Scientists, average individuals and even a high level priest. The priest visiting was an interesting event.

The priest introduced himself to Walt as a high ranking priest from a well-known California Church.

He chatted with Walt and I brought up the Bible and Walt's ability to recite the Bible Backwards and Forwards, and, every known language. The priest asked Walt to recite the Bible in "old Latin". Walt asked him forward and backward?

The priest chuckled and said either way, just recite in Old Latin. Walt began reciting in Old Latin and the priest was beside himself. He said he had never heard anyone in his many years in the priesthood recite and pronounce the words in exact Latin enunciation. The priest sat back in his chair and brought his two hands together as in prayer and gave the sign of the cross with his hands, leaned down and kissed his the edge of his hands that were together. She priest stood up and requested I take him back to two gentlemen waiting in a car outside the trailer. He thanked Walt and I and said, "He had no more words to add to the discussions". He shook our hands and walked out shaking his head. For an instant he stopped at the door exit and turned his head towards us as if he wanted to say something. He shook his head and walked out the door.


Walt in our final meeting admitted to taking over a dying body twice since his visit to Planet Earth. That enabled him to directly mingle and take part in the evolution of Planet Earth. In doing so, he was responsible for several impossible feats. The evidence is in the results of just a few like those below. I unfortunately am not permitted to reveal only those listed below in any document.

After several years of meeting with Walt and being involved with many associates and friend meeting with Walt, I was given some sad news; Walt was planning to exit the planet earth and wanted to meet with me seven times before he left. I didn't understand what he was talking about and why there were only seven meetings left.

He finally explained to me what he intended to do before departing, and it was planned to be with me. My questions were to the point. I asked if anyone else were to meet with him before he departed and he replied "no, only you".

I was totally confused with dozens of visitors from Scientists, Priests, and answering questions by the famous J. Allen Hynek and not to forget the president of the San Francisco State University and eventual United States Senator S.I. Hayakawa. He responded he was instructed for a final meeting with me! I shook my head and asked when and how?

He said there would be seven meetings to begin to transfer his galactic knowledge to me. Each meeting would be more of his knowledge and the final at the seventh and final meeting; he would give me the option of accepting the final transfer. He said he would explain the seventh and final meeting at that time and not until.

So, over the span of three months I visited Walt on my return trip from Back East or from wherever I was coming from and would arrange the final meeting on an agreed upon weekend.


We agreed on a specified weekend and I planned to drive to Sparks and meet Walt. Arrived in Sparks late on a Friday night and stayed at the Nugget. We had scheduled to meet at his trailer at the Pyramid Lake where we first had our deep discussions.

We met and he walked me out in the desert, it was cook and manageable. He told me he was finally told me who he was, where he came from and what the purpose was on Planet Earth. I had difficulty in swallowing. That happened to me when I was nervous and now I was more nervous than I had ever been. Walt said it was essential that I knew what he was getting ready to open up to me.

From knowing him I always had questions as to he really was. Was he just a 'Genius' with an IQ of over 200? Was he a mentally disturbed individual? Over the years Walt had solved incredible design problems with my work engineering. He answered complex questions to J. A. Hynek and Hynek agreed and thanked us. I saw him supposedly 'heal' men and women with fatal diseases. I witnessed him creating a gallon of mercury from a device that used sand as the element for conversion.

The lists go on and on, I always accepted his knowledge and accepted his answers, and they 'always' were correct.

He supposedly had a wife and children but was his or was Walt's physical body taken over? I would now hear his explanation.


I am from a planet beyond your solar system. Your technology has not yet advanced to the point of enabling you to locate my solar system but one day you will.

There are ten like myself here on your planet. Our mission is not to interfere with your society rather than to prevent the pushing of a button that would destroy your planet earth.

While I am in your flesh and body I can be destroyed. Only by departing of your flesh and body can I continue to survive. You see me as someone who you can accept. If I were to appear as I really am, it would be too difficult for you to accept, you would be in utter fear. That is why I and my associates have assumed your human characteristics.

There are those set out to destroy my associates and me so we must constantly be on guard. I will not tell you who these people are, but one day you will understand who they are and what their missions is on this planet.

There are many aliens from different star systems that have visited your planet, and still are. Their mission is not the same as ours. They are here to explore the universes and study your species. There are evil and good aliens. Most of the aliens that have recently visited your planet are good. There have been many celestial wars over your planet in past history. Some of your cultures from the past have described those battles in their writings and inscriptions.

Even your Bible holds the key to visitors and battles. Your Bible as other great religious books of earth all have a common thread, but only the wise can interpret those threads and decipher those parables that were written for that reason. Your planets life forms since it conception has bread common errors in your gene structure. It is not until the frailties of your species have been elevated to a higher level of understanding will man and woman be able to decipher the knowledge of your great religions on your planet.

There is no wrong or evil in religions. There is only evil in the human being. There are only those who pretend to have the knowledge and key to those writing and parables who espouse to be leaders and some of them it is their aim to gather and control the populace. However, there exist scholars and common man, woman and children that do have the knowledge and key to the great secrets but do not spread the fact of this knowledge.

Man must seek out this knowledge on his own and have trust and faith in his or her God. It is not handed to one easily as it pretends to be by merely reading scriptures. Until that knowledge has been obtained there will not exist peace. The common fault of human beings will continue to exist, those faults being hate, anger, greed, egocentrism, domination, fear, jealousy, power, and intimidation. The human society has every right to freedom, but not the right to be free to be irresponsible.

All religions in your society preach against those faults, but your society is full of hypocrites who only take what they want from their teachings to satisfy their personal desires. This cannot be disputed because it is forever evident.

One day in the great past, a Devine source had a beautiful garden on earth. He cultivated his garden and then turned it over to Man to continue growing his garden.


His voice became strong and loud emanating from his stomach and I felt like some giant "thing" was towering over me and I could not move, I was frozen.

He then gave me my final task before I make my decision. He said before he could transfer his knowledge and power over to me I had to agree to the following order:

I must answer any question presented to me. If the quality of the person does not come up to the quality of understanding and knowledge and love for the planet and everything on it, I must answer but, I must answer in a parable.

I must assist all on the planet earth for whatever challenges that prevailed.

I must not transfer my knowledge to any person or thing but I must always be a teacher for all.

I must heal whoever and whenever possible.

I must never respond in anger for any situation.

I must protect myself when it is inevitable disaster is present.

I can't go into any further details at this time, but the lists are self-explainable. He then gave me the ultimate ultimatum. If at any time I knowing violated any of the rules given me, I would have to be terminated similar to the people of Atlantis who were given knowledge and violated that knowledge and had to be dealt with because of so much power on planet earth.

I was asked to make a decision after I walked in the desert around me and think of all the issues involved. It was a star lit night with a gentle desert breeze. As I walked in the sand, I imagined all the power that I would have available to me and shuttered to think if being unaware violated any of the Universal Rules. After a while I re-entered Walt's trailer and gave him my answer. I emphatically thanked him for trusting me with such an incredible opportunity probably that no man has ever been offered. My answer was "NO". I felt I did not deserve such incredible power.

Walt understood completely and said that our meeting was not in vein and one day our knowledge will cross paths. But he gave me a couple of final statements. I want you to concentrate on the Powers Of Three. He said "I'm giving you the names of three numbers, "1", "3" and "12". They answer all the questions of your planet, just think about it."

"1", One God.

"3" Just for a few notes, the triad, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the Three Wise Men.

"12" The sign of the zodiac, the 12 apostles, the 12 months of the year, and more.

In time you will recognize all the numbers for all facets of life. I asked if I would ever see him again. He replied, "No, never in this form". But he said, keep looking up for the lights that have been following you for many years. When possible, have a flashlight and blink continually "1" "3" and "12." One day a craft will descend and when someone gets out and askes who sent you, you answer "Walt Sent Me! THEY KNOW WHO I AM"


I asked Walt 'who he was'. He answered with the following:




In the final moments of our meeting he turned away from me and took a few steps, and then he turned and faced me and gave me a salute with his open hand from his left side of his chest and outward. I returned the gesture and he disappeared in the dark.

Not only did I lose a friend, I lost a healer, a genius, a saint and a maybe even friend from beyond! Ciao Walt, thank you for entering my life and happy travels to your place in space!

Ciao Walt, thank you and happy travels to your place in space!